La Reine Blanche

Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul...

Blanche Malfoy
10 January
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Blanche Calista Malfoy was born on 10 January, 1988. She is the daughter of Calista and Haman Malfoy, the ne'er do well brother of Lucius Malfoy. Haman was disinherited by his father, and he has had to live by his wits. Blanche was born in London, but an unfortunate get-rich-quick scheme prompted her family to move to Moscow. Blanche has never been to school, but she was taught at home by her mother until her mother's untimely death when Blanche was just shy of twelve years old. After her mother's death, her father bullied her into visiting a wealthy wizard by the name of Karl Grozny in Siberia. During the visit, she was sold to him, and subsequently became his wife.

During the years she was in Siberia, she spent much of her time reading books about magic, although she was not permitted a wand for herself. She was married for nearly three years, and had one child, but he did not live for long, dying at a mere two months of age, and it was soon thereafter that Karl Grozny followed him in death. Blanche ran away, with the help of the manor’s groundskeeper, who helped her get to the nearest town.

It was a long journey that culminated first in Bucharest, Romania, where she landed at the Safe Center for Young Wizards and Witches. She stayed there, wrestling with her own private demons and helping out in the nursery, for a few months until she regained her health. It was her Caseworker, S. Blavatskna, who recommended that Blanche go to the highly secretive Dogstar Academy.

Since coming to Dogstar, she has has a wonderful time making friends with people her own age and learning many things. She’s become an Animaga and also discovered her psychic abilities, and has become proficient at Occlumency.

Blanche has blonde hair and dark blue eyes, is about five feet three inches tall, and slender. She is generally very cheerful and honest, and is a loyal friend. She is fully bilingual, but as a result of spending most of her life in Russia, is more fluent in Russian than in English, and speaks English with an accent. She can also speak a tiny bit of French and Italian. She’s very good with babies and little children, and weaves tapestries and does needlework as hobbies.